Helping British Individuals and Businesses make an impact on Climate Change.

Our vision is to become a leader in the climate Race To Zero and work with others around the world to tackle the climate crisis by educating and providing carbon offsetting for all - from individual subscriptions, charities or organisations to businesses and athletes.

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Leading The Race To Zero – One Team, One Planet.

We are based in Cardiff, where our rapidly expanding team have been passionate about climate change since before it was cool! 

We believe that in 2021/22 all businesses should be doing their fair share when it comes down selecting sustainable practices or face consequences like lost customers who go elsewhere with greener practices - so let us help you set up carbon offsetting schemes today and recommend small changes which can make a big difference.

We also believe that those in the public eye should be championing this change, that’s why we have specific offerings for athletes, sports clubs and influencers. 

Our Gold Medal moment in 2022 is to work with individuals, athletes and businesses to become the largest organisation for voluntary carbon offsetting in the UK.

Why take part in the Race To Zero to carbon offset?

The Impacts of Climate Change could be irreversible by 2030.

The IPCC has warned that we only have ten years left to prevent catastrophic, irreversible damage to our planet. The impacts of extreme weather with drought and floods will be felt by human life generations in the future as well - they are already starting now!

More than 1 million species are at risk of extinction by Climate Change.

The extinction rate is so high that it's affecting our environment and ecosystem stability. The number of species being lost today are close to 1,000 times more than what would be expected according to the natural rate but scientists estimate there may only be around 950 or less left by 2050 if nothing changes in future generations' Preservation efforts can help these precious beings live on for centuries past us!

Are Governments going far enough??

The UK's Net Zero Target aims to reduce all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. In order for this goal to be reached, businesses will have a mandatory responsibility in regards to reducing their carbon footprint and the government will invest in schemes that offset CO2 footprints on an annual basis using Certified Emission Reductions (CERs), just like those used under The Race To Zero initiative.

The goal of The Race To Zero is to lead the industry in voluntary offset initiatives, where individuals, athletes and businesses can choose to help tackle climate change--and in doing so you will reduce global warming further. Government initiatives alone won't stop this crisis - all of us need to do our part now before it becomes irreversible!

Small Changes are a start, but not enough!

The average person in Britain produces 10-15 Tonnes of CO² per year, and everything we do adds to global warming. This includes what we buy as well as where our food comes from for sale on the shelves at home or abroad; all activities contribute towards this problem!

You can make a difference with small changes to your lifestyle - changing what you eat, looking at plastics use and recycling. You may not be able to stop climate change completely but with all of our small changes – we can make a big difference!


It might be your responsibility to travel for your job, but it’s also your responsibility to look after the earth.

2.75 million

In 2010 the South Africa World Cup generated 2.75 million tones of carbon emissions.

2.8 million

In 2014 the FIFA World Cup Brazil also generated close to 2.8 million tonnes of CO2 carbon emissions.

4.5 million

The 2016 Rio Olympics produced 4.5 million tonnes of CO2.

Together, these three global sporting events generated the equivalent of burning 11 billion pounds of coal.


We believe that behavioural change and carbon offsetting are the answer to taking on climate change as it's both affordable and effective way to make a difference globally.

Our projects & initiatives aim at inspiring Britain towards sustainable living habits, so we can tackle this global problem together!

Why The Race To Zero?

The Race To Zero™ was created to allow everyone, not just businesses, to make an impact on climate change through carbon offsetting. Due in part because regulations are complex and offsetting initiatives have traditionally been focused exclusively towards companies - individuals often struggle with the affordability or legitimacy issue when looking for regulated ways to buy credits - this has resulted in it being difficult for them to find affordable solutions.

Our core values lie in our Race Strategy, which outlines we will provide the:

Greatest Impact on projects around the world.

Transparent Process outlining where our impact is created

Utmost quality and traceability on the methods and credits we use

Best value per Tonne of CO²e we offset.

Big impact, big value.

As a large organisation buying credit in volume across different carbon markets around the world, we can purchase low-cost credits that other consumers might not be able to afford. Focusing on projects located primarily within Britain but also internationally allows us to best value as costs will vary depending upon where the projects are being funded.

Each month we purchase carbon credits based on the number of Tonnes of CO²e purchased from our individual and business customers. All the projects funded are either VCS, VER or CER certified and are selected based on the level of impact they have around the world. Some of these projects which are in developing countries look to fund much-needed education, enterprise, clean drinking water, energy and a positive outcome for wildlife, biodiversity, and ecology.

Despite the higher cost, we pledge that a minimum of 10% of our offset funding will be spent on projects in Great Britain.

Utmost Quality

All of our carbon offsetting projects are certified to the highest standards through the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), UK and EU Emissions Trading Standard (EU + UK ETS), Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER) and Certified Emission Reductions (CER) programmes.

As the four go to and largest most regulated offsetting standards which are globally recognised, we do not work with any project that is not regulated by one of the above. This ensures that the funds are appropriated to the supported offsetting initiatives.

To qualify for these standards, all projects go through a rigorous and public registration and issuance process, third-party audit and are overseen by the CDM Executive Board (appointed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), ratified by the Kyoto Protocol. Having access to these schemes means that we’re able to use the same offsetting mechanisms as large multinationals and governments.

For our corporate customers, we ensure that our methods to quantify, monitor, report and verify greenhouse gas emissions within organisations is accurate and correct following the ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) 14064-1 and GHG Protocol Emissions Standards following the principles of relevance, completeness, consistency, transparency and accuracy.

Chance to compete

For our athletes specifically, we have formulated a specific additional Race To Zero. This comes in the format of the Race To Zero league. Additional to the offsetting, it allows athletes to boost their climate impact and be ranked in a global league of climate benefits using our algorithm.

Not only does this allow an athlete's competitive edge to shine through it also allows us to work with the athletes to directly impact projects they are passionate about.

Through United Nations Certified Emission Reduction Schemes, we are proud to be supporters of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“I’ve starred in a lot of science fiction movies and, let me tell you something, climate change is not science fiction. This is a battle in the real world, it is impacting us right now.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Actor & Former Governor of California


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