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Carbon offsetting can sometimes be filled with jargon and is quite technical, so please feel free to peruse our FAQs and self-help resources including our blog articles.

If you have any more questions that we haven't answered in this section, please do not hesitate and ask us. You can reach out using our online enquiry form or by emailing


We are very conscious of achieving a balance between maximising the awareness of climate change, funding verified projects and also ensuring our economies of scale as a business funding these projects is able to grow.

Trust and Transparency is a core value of our organisation, and as a result, individual and business customers receive monthly updates on the exact projects funded.

We are based in the heart of Cardiff Bay in Wales. With our team here covering the whole of the UK. For any business enquiries please email.

The team has been involved in decarbonisation for over 10 years. The Race To Zero was born early in 2021 and our new website launched in December 2021.


Yes of course!

All 3 of our online subscriptions are set up monthly on a rolling basis, so you can log onto your account and cancel your subscription anytime.

If you would like to change your address, update or change your card at any time, please log into your account and these can be amended online.

If you have any further problems please email us at

Yes of course - many of our customers choose to become carbon positive where they offset more than their carbon footprint. 

You can either add another subscription at the checkout or you can go for one of our higher packages Individual + Race or Trailblazer.

Yes - what better gift!

All of our subscriptions can be gifts, please purchase the subscription as usual and then email with your full order details and the full name and email address of the person you would like to gift. Please also state if you would like it sent on a specific date i.e. Birthday.

We will then send them a welcome email and change the account to their name. As you have paid for the subscription, you will be able to log on and cancel the payments at any time.

All subscriptions are set up monthly and will debit on the same date each month that you made your original purchase.

Unfortunately due to a large number of subscribers each day - we cannot change the date once you have subscribed.

Carbon offsetting

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) list carbon offsetting as one of the most impactful ways to tackle climate change.

Increased Carbon Dioxide (CO²) emissions in the atmosphere are one of the biggest causes of global warming and so by offsetting your carbon footprint - with projects to remove CO² from the atmosphere, you can balance out your emissions to become carbon neutral.

We can make a difference with small changes to our lifestyle – changing our energy provider and usage, changing what we eat, looking at our plastics use and recycling, changing how and when we travel, as well as many others. However, we cannot stop our carbon footprint completely, and in many, some parts of our carbon footprint are completely unavoidable.

By joining The Race to Zero, you can offset all the emissions you cannot stop completely - cheaply and effectively - making a positive impact on the climate crisis.

All of our carbon offsetting projects are certified to the highest standards through the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), UK and EU Emissions Trading Standard (EU + UK ETS), Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER) and Certified Emission Reductions (CER) programmes.

As the four go to and largest most regulated offsetting standards which are globally recognised, we do not work with any project that is not regulated by one of the above. This ensures that the funds are appropriated to the supported offsetting initiatives.

To qualify for these standards, all projects go through a rigorous and public registration and issuance process, third-party audit and are overseen by the CDM Executive Board (appointed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), ratified by the Kyoto Protocol. Having access to these schemes means that we’re able to use the same offsetting mechanisms as large multinationals and governments.

For our corporate customers, we ensure that our methods to quantify, monitor, report and verify greenhouse gas emissions within organisations is accurate and correct following the ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) 14064-1 and GHG Protocol Emissions Standards following the principles of relevance, completeness, consistency, transparency and accuracy.

The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER) and Certified Emission Reductions (CER) programmes have strict measures in place to ensure each project is doing what it is set out to achieve.

This is monitored by third-party audits by the Carbon Standards themselves, as well as the host-country national authorities who oversee national implementation.

Official Statistics from Defra published on the website, state that the average British Emissions are 12-14 Tonnes of CO² per person, per year. This is also similar to figures published by the WWF, and other environmental organisations around the world.

Within this figure, flights are included, with the average person flying 1 medium/long-distance return flight per year, or up to 3 short distance return flights per year. Car Travel - including commuting to work in a medium-sized petrol car is also included.

Lifestyle choices and what we do are very important to our carbon footprint and emissions - but in many cases, the impact on your overall emissions are less than you think. Lifestyle changes such as living a meat-free diet, changing your travel methods, buying sustainable and eco-friendly products and looking at your energy usage and provider add up to around 1-3 Tonnes of CO² per year.

We understand that for some travelling is an unavoidable aspect of your job. Particularly for those involved in the world of sport or on the international stage. We have therefore included the Individual + Race and the Trailblazer options.

Ultimately we have chosen ease of impact over precision for individual emissions - as our mission is to help Britain make an impact in the most simple and effective way possible.

Lifestyle choices and what we do are very important to our carbon footprint and emissions - but in many cases, the impact on your overall emissions are less than you think.

Through our partners, we are able to provide exclusive discounts on electric vehicle leasing and subscription along with the sale of excellent plastic alternative products via our shop.

Within our Individual subscription, 15 Tonnes of CO² are offset - which is more than the British average figure of 12-14 Tonnes of CO² per year. This ensures moderate travel is more than covered.

Within this figure, flights are included, with the average person flying 1 medium/long-distance return flight per year, or up to 3 short distance return flights per year. Car Travel - including commuting to work in a medium-sized petrol car is also included.

If you simply want to make a bigger impact - or if you drive and/or fly significant amounts each year then you can choose an Individual + Race package or a Trailblazer package.

To see exactly where our trees are planted, please check out our projects page.

10% of our planting is located in Britain and this is split specifically with some projects being in our home country of Wales, but the majority is spent in locations around the world which have a bigger impact due to the faster-growing species, lower cost and larger tree sequestration (carbon-absorbing).

As responsible for reforestation, all trees planted are native species to ensure it benefits the local wildlife and biodiversity.

All reforestation, planting, and woodland management projects through the VCS, VER and CER programmes have sustainable action plans with risk management in the case of fire, wind, drought/flood, pest/disease or human involvement. For all of the trees planted there is a strict time period (in many cases of up to 30 years or more), where the trees are protected.

This ensures the species grow and have measured tree sequestration (carbon-absorbing) period during maturity.

Of course, head over to our projects page and also keep an eye on our social media.

With the majority of our projects overseas in developing countries, visiting is sometimes difficult. We are also happy to discuss facilitating potential visits and are always happy to look at organising a visit to our UK based projects.


All orders are shipped the next business day and in line with our shipping policy.

No problem, please refer to our returns policy and we will happily exchange for a new size.

Yes, they are - each item for sale on the shop offsets more carbon than it creates.


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