You have the right to cancel the purchase of a service you are unsatisfied with, and obtain a refund, within 14 days from the day on which the contract was entered into (when the initial purchase was made). All other subscription payments after this time are non-refundable.

We shall refund the price of the initial payment using the same payment method as the original transaction. In order to make use of this right, you must send an unambiguous notice to us. While a motivation is not required, you are kindly asked to specify the reason why you are claiming the money-back-guarantee.

Upon receipt of such notice, we will verify that all conditions applicable to the money-back-guarantee are fulfilled and, if so, refund the purchase price. In this case, you will no longer have access to the purchased service.

For those who have a monthly subscription, all debited payments fall outside of the 14 day period, and as a result are non-refundable. We take no responsibility for not cancelling, requesting, or negligence in the management of your subscription and it is you the users responsibility to cancel or amend your payment subscription in a timely manner.  You can cancel or amend your subscription at any time by creating an account and amending your subscription online.